Posted by: Scott | June 6, 2010

What a trip

We had a great time together.  The following book is a summary of our adventure.  We are getting a hard copy printed so we can look back on this trip frequently.  It is best viewed in full screen mode.

39 Clues Book – 15th Anniversary Gift

PS:  The kids a VERY happy to be home (and that the pool is open). Summer has started.
Posted by: Scott | June 3, 2010

The 39 clues

Here are the 39 clues.  In many ways the trip went exactly as planned.  We are so happy we didn’t have any travel issues that impacted the trip (and we don’t really mind if they ash cloud wants to flair up again so we can’t go back to the USA).  Many clues had to be re-written at one point or another because we found something better to do (but this is the final set).

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Posted by: Scott | June 3, 2010

Trip is winding down…

We are winding down our trip.  I wish we could have posted to the blog more, but the international broadband has been poor and our focus has been elsewhere.

We  have got to spend a lot of time together enjoying each others company and making great memories.  We will write a short synthesis post on the flight home, but for now here are some pictures from yesterdays journey around Cairo.

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Posted by: Scott | June 1, 2010

In Cairo

It is hot here. The kids like the pool best. Our dinner last night was a authentic Egyptian feast (too many couses to list). It was very good. We just finished the Egyptian Museum and are in a cab to the old city market. So if you never hear from us again look there first.

Posted by: Scott | May 29, 2010

Studam England

A few hours by bus and we made our way to Studham England. The bus dropped us at Red Lion Inn (small inn with a pub). We had a few pints, taught the kids how to play the card game Hearts and missed our bus back to London (didn’t care). We walked the one street and the local park The only other place that was open was another pub (the Bell). We had another pint, talked to a stranger at the bar for a few hours (still don’t understand English sports). They “helped” by getting a wii out for the kids. After two weeks of travel “The Bell” is the fist free wifi we have found. It’s now 8pm and we just finished dinner. We have no real plan on how to get back to London, but on the plus side this is vacation and we just ordered desert.

Posted by: Scott | May 28, 2010

London day 1 and 2

We been up the Eye of London, to the Tower of London (where Ryan was interested in the Bloody Tower), heard Big Ben, cruised the Thames, and toured Westminster Abbey. Tonight we’re going to see the Lion King musical.

Posted by: Scott | May 26, 2010

39 clues or 39 pounds?

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We seem to be eating two 2hour meals each day.  The first few days we hit the gym.  Then “the walking counts” instead of the gym took over.  Now we are rolling our way between restaurants.  We are leaving Paris today for England.  Yesterday we made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but honestly the highlight of the day was the Ravioli at Di Felice.

Posted by: Scott | May 24, 2010

Crowds and lines

It’s Monday and the crowds are out. This weekend was very quiet (some holiday). We went to the Eiffel Tower this morning and the line was three hours to get to the top. Instead we took the metro across town to see the Champs Élysées filled with flowers and bushes. We are currently sitting at a café getting ready for some sushi (Ryans pick). Kim’s going to try chicken and beef balls. Ryan is trying to tell the lady from Japan who speaks French what is in a Philly roll.

Posted by: Scott | May 23, 2010

Paris Day 3

We went to church this morning at Notre Dame and listened to mass and the organs.  Kim gave the kids a lesson on flying butt’s (buttresses).  Ally found this funny.  We hit the Shakespeare Company book store to get Ryan more of a fix (the line item in our budget for his books is on par with our food.. but if you know book stores you will know this one). We then ate a gyro with fries from a street vendor so we could catch a train to Chateau de Versailles.  We got to Versailles around 4PM, just in time for “lunch”.  We ate for about 2 hours.  We then slept off lunch in the gardens of Versailles before stopping for ice-cream and a journey to a unisex bathroom on the way back to the train.

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Posted by: Scott | May 23, 2010

Paris Day 2

This is the 2nd half of Day 2’s post.  Finally found a hotspot to load some pictures.  But the quality will be poor, because the network is SLOW and we have things to do.

Day 2 started with Crepes under the Effel Tower.  We then took a tour bus (the one we slept on during Day 1) to the Louvre.  Ryan’s feeling of the Louvre was “it wasn’t as bad as I expected” and Ally was not impressed that Venus De Millo didn’t have her towel pulled up far enough (she started singing, dancing and pointing ‘pants on the ground, pants on the ground, she has her pants on the ground).

After the Louvre we continued on the tour bus to the Arc de triumphe .  It was a big arc, not much else.  So we sat at a cafe looking at it and had a 2 hour dinner.  Very good food.  Ryan loves the pizza in Paris.  About an hour into the show they shutdown the main road and started to put plants on it.  We are not sure what they are doing, but guess it has something to do with a Sunday holiday.

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